A-Level Subjects

OK, so you have done your GCSEs and now its time for you to move to the next step and start on your A-Levels, but what A-Level subjects should you choose? There is a vast number of combinations of subjects that you can choose from for various degrees, so it can be quite daunting picking just 3 or 4 courses!

In this blog, we’re going to look at a few ways you can make your A-Level subject choices a bit more clear and straightforward, including if you don’t yet know what degree you actually want to study at university (which is actually more common than you might think).

A-Level Subjects when you know which Degree you want to Study

Firstly, well done on having a plan and knowing what you want to do with your life! Like I said before, it’s very common for people not to be sure what they want to do at university yet, let alone for a career. Now if you know what degree you want to study, chances are you have a few universities in mind too, so your first port of call is Google.

A quick and simple search on Google for the Degree name along with the university name should give you a clear idea of what subjects they expect you to hold and what grades you need to be considered for a place on the course. If you can’t find much information through Google, then your next best bet would be UCAS. UCAS is like the oracle of all things A-Levels and Degrees, it’s also the place where you will be putting in your application for the Degree course you want to study.

A-Level Subjects when you don’t know which Degree you want to Study

Now this sounds like an impossible task doesn’t it? I mean how can you possibly pick A-Levels if you have no idea what Degree you want to study or what career you want? Well believe it or not, it’s still possible to do this. Instead of looking only at the end goal, you need to shift your perspective and look at what you actually enjoy.

So for example, if you’re an analytical person who enjoys solving things and using gadgets, then chances are you’re going to enjoy a Degree in Mathematics or IT, even Engineering. So from there, you can Google Degrees relating to this to see what the entry requirements are for the courses that sound interesting.

If you’re more artsy and like being creative and reading, then chances are you’re going to enjoy a Degree in the arts or English or History. So again, from there you can use Google to have a browse through what Degrees there are and the A-Level Subjects they need.

Believe it or not, even if you don’t really enjoy any subjects or subject areas, it’s still possible to pick A-Levels that still offer you flexibility in choosing a Degree subject later. For example, if you chose the subjects English, Mathematics and Business, you could get offers for Degrees in Teaching or Business. You just need to remember to pick popular A-Level subjects that don’t pigeon hole your options.