If you’re just starting out with your career, or returning to work after having a break from employment, it really is worth considering becoming a Receptionist. The role can be very varied and is needed for many sectors and so there are always lots of job available for the role.

Depending on what company you’re a receptionist for, your role can see you doing everything from greeting customers through to arranging company events and conferences, so it’s safe to say no two days would be the same within the role.

What Qualifications do I need to be a Receptionist?

There are no steadfast rules on the exact requirements needed to become a Receptionist, but it is advisable to at least have GCSEs in English and Mathematics along with good IT skills. You are going to need to be good with people and confident in your organisational skills.

Many companies will expect you to have a Diploma in something relating to being a Receptionist and working in an office, such as a Level 3 Diploma in Office Administration or a Level 3 in Office Administration and Receptionist Skills.

Where can I study Related Diplomas?

There are lots of options available for Receptionist training. You can opt to either attend a class at a local community college or you can study for your Diplomas online. A quick Google search will find you lots of options with online colleges such as Open College.

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