A-Level Difficulty

When it comes to A-Levels and A-Level difficulty, you may or may not be surprised to hear that they do vary greatly. Infact, if you take the time and effort to research all the A-Level subjects, it’s quite easy for you to carefully select less demanding topics which could in theory mean better grades for less or the same amount of work.

It’s important to point out though, that A-Level difficulty varies but not to the point where someone doing A-Level Drama is going to have a vastly easier ride than someone doing A-Level Geography. Being Level 3 qualifications, all A-Levels are benchmarked to a certain difficulty, but can get more tricky or involve more work to complete in the form of coursework elements or practicals.

Which A-Levels are less Difficult?

Now this question is one of those things where the answers can vary greatly depending on many factors, for example, if you love sciences, then you might find completing an A-Level in Drama tricky! And vice versa of course!

Based on pass rate statistics, below are the top 10 easiest A-Level subjects (starting with easiest first):

Ultimately, you need to remember, that even if you want or need easy subjects to study, you also have to keep in mind what you want to go and study at university. There is no point in just picking easy A-Levels to find that your dream Degree needed you to have other subjects and no university will accept you. So make sure you do your research and use Google and UCAS to help you pick the right topics regardless of difficulty.