Professional Development

When people think of A-Levels, they automatically think it’s a qualification that you study to go to university. But this isn’t the case! There are many career opportunities and professional development that can be gained by studying A-Levels.

For example, if you hold an A-Level in Accounting, did you know that you can go on and begin learning to become a Chartered Accountant? To gain the qualifications to become an accountant, doesn’t actually require you to attend university, you can study AAT qualifications and become fully qualified, and it all starts from holding one A-Level.

Accounting isn’t your only option either! With an A-Level you can join the Armed Forces, the Police, begin on an Apprenticeship within a large corporation, the options and possibilities really are endless and none of them require you to go on to university to achieve them (unless of course you wish to).

If you’re already working, you will be interested to know that most Managerial positions require the candidate to hold at least one A-Level. So A-Levels can both help you start a new career, change your career direction or improve your professional development within a role you already hold at your current place of work.

The truly great thing about using A-Levels for professional development is that you can choose the relevant subjects to study, unlike when you’re a student at school and you have no idea what you want to do, taking A-Levels as a mature student means you can pick and choose the right topics to get you where you want to be.

So what’s stopping you from enrolling? If you would like to discuss studying A-Levels, get in touch with our friendly team for some further advice on your options.