Studying A-Levels for Personal Interest

Studying A-Levels for personal interest might not be something that you have thought of or considered. But why not? As A-Level courses are equivalent to Level 3, they are classed as entry level courses and so they give people a great foundation understanding of the subject they are based on.

Even if you have no intention of going to university or even doing the examinations at the end of the course, you can still enrol and study A-Levels for personal interest and development. Many mature students opt to retake their A-Levels to see if their understanding and ability with a subject has improved over the years.

Do I have to have GCSEs in the A-Levels I want to Study?

Not at all. Although traditional schools and colleges require students to hold GCSEs in subjects they wish to do A-Levels for, if you’re purely studying A-Levels for personal interest, there is no need for you to hold a GCSE in the same subject to be allowed onto a course to study.

If you’re not sure your knowledge or ability within the subject is at A-Level standard, then you can of course start with the GCSE version of the course and then progress onto the A-Level side of things.

Do I have to do the Examinations if Studying A-Levels for Personal Interest?

That is entirely down to you, if you want to have a certificate to prove you did the course and you achieved a certain grade, then you will need to sit the examinations. But if you just want to do the course for your own personal reference and feeling of achievement, then you can enrol and work your way through the course and just enjoy the feedback and gradings you receive from your tutor.

If you would like some help and advice on enrolling onto an A-Level course to study for personal interest, get in touch with Open College today and one of our helpful team will assist you further.