Start Studying a Level 3 Diploma

If you’re in need of more qualifications, you might be wondering when to Start Studying a Level 3 Diploma. In this blog we’re going to attempt to answer most of the commonly asked questions relating to studying a Level 3 Diploma.

So, you have done the hard part and decided you want to gain more qualifications to boost your CV or experience, which is great, but what about the technicalities of things. It’s only natural for you to have some questions about the whole learning process and what you need to take into account.

When can I Start Studying a Level 3 Diploma?

The great thing about Level 3 Diplomas is that they are mostly coursework based and not tied to any examinations that you have to attend at a centre. So you are free to enrol and start studying one whenever it suits you and you feel you have the time to study one.

Where can I Study a Level 3 Diploma?

Due to the flexible nature of Level 3 Diplomas, you are free to either study these in person at a school or college or online. In recent years and months, online learning has taken a steep rise in popularity and so there is a great range of online colleges, like Open College, where you can enrol and study entirely online.

How long are Level 3 Diplomas?

Level 3 Diplomas are usually around 200 hours of study time, so not quite as intense as A-Levels but still a good chunk of study time.

Usually, when you enrol and start studying a Level 3 Diploma you will have up to a year to complete the course from when you enrolled.

Do I Have to do any Examinations?

Most Level 3 Diplomas don’t have an examination in the traditional sense. You may be required to sit an online examination through your computer at the end of your studies to attain your pass mark for the course, but this can be done at any time.

With courses that don’t have an examination at the end, you will just need to complete all the needed coursework to achieve your Diploma.

Ready to Start Studying?

Here are just a few of the Diplomas available with Open College that students are free to enrol onto and start studying right away. If you would like any help or assistance from our helpful team, just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.