How to get an A* Grade at A-Level

With exam season fast approaching, all students’ attention will be turning to revision and thoughts of what grades they are going to achieve. We have taken the time to check in with A* grade A-Level students to see what study tips and techniques they used to gain their A*.

Gaining an A* grade at A-Level is no easy feat and definitely takes a lot of work and effort on the part of the student. But there are certain techniques that are common among all A* students that seem to make a winning formula to gain them those extra points needed.

Techniques to use to get an A* Grade at A-Levels

  1. Focus on the tricky topics of the syllabus – all A-Level courses will have certain sections that are more tricky than others, whether it’s A-Level Biology or A-Level History, there are going to be certain topics that are harder than the rest and you need to focus your revision attention on these. Ensure you make notes on the small details and really learn the topics inside and out. If you’re not sure which of these they are, ask your tutor for some pointers.
  2. Manage your revision time carefully – once you have worked through all your course materials, you should have a decent amount of notes to refer back to. Use these wisely and ensure you re-cover these in detail, any notes that don’t make sense or seem too brief, refer back to your course materials and make better notes. From there, it’s time to start using mind maps and flash cards to really drill the course syllabus into your head.
  3. Use past papers – past papers are readily and freely available to students, use them to practice and test your exam question answering technique. Try and find ones that cover similar topics to those you have been studying. Where possible, sit the past papers under exam style conditions to begin your preparation for the real thing.
  4. Stay calm and organised – this tip applies to both your revision time and when you get into the examination room. If you have covered all your revision notes and put the work in with past papers and study, then you can breeze the written examinations and get those all important extra points to get your A* grade.

Follow the above techniques and tips and we’re sure you will be receiving that all important A* grade in your A-Level examinations.