Study in the UK

It’s safe to say the UK has some of the best known universities in the world and so it’s no surprise that thousands of students from around the world apply to study in the UK. We’re looking at what International students need to hold in order to be able to study in the UK.

With the arrival of Brexit, the number of places available on degree courses in the UK for International students has risen and so there has never been a better time to look at studying at a UK university.

Along with the right qualifications to gain an offer from a university, you will also need to apply for a student visa from the UK Government. There are set requirements to be granted this visa and you can read about those here.

What Qualifications do I need to Study in the UK?

The usual requirements for an offer of a place on a Degree course is at least 3 A-Level qualifications. The subjects you choose to study these in will depend on the Degree course you are looking to study. So for example, if you wanted to study Business at University, you would need a combination of A-Levels such as Business, Mathematics and English.

As an International student, for both an offer of a place at university and the student visa, you will need to ensure you have a qualification to prove you can read, write and understand English. This can be in the form of either an IELTs qualification or an A-Level in English.

To find specific requirements for a Degree course you would like to study, we advise you either contact the University you are interested in studying with for some help and advice or you search on the UCAS website, where you will find endless useful information on course requirements and application procedures.

Where can I Study A-Levels as an International Student?

As A-Levels tend to only be offered in UK schools or private International schools, studying A-Level courses can seem quite difficult to International students. Thankfully though, with online learning and online colleges (like Open College), International students can enrol and study A-Level courses online easily and affordably.

Once you have made the decision on the courses you would like to study, you can enrol online and begin your studies right away. You will be provided with all the course materials you need to learn and study, along with a personal tutor who is an Academic Expert to help and guide you through your studies.

When it comes to the time for sitting your examinations, you will be able to attend a local examination centre, as a Private Candidate, where you can sit your exams and gain the qualifications that you need to then apply to your chosen University.