GCSEs do Universities Prefer

When applying for a place on a Degree course, you can be forgiven for not being one hundred percent sure which GCSEs universities prefer or if they even matter if you have A-Levels. The truth is they do matter and you do need to have some GCSEs to support your UCAS application.

When looking at your application Universities will be looking to see that you at least hold the core GCSE subjects, so English, Maths and ( in some cases) the Sciences. This includes applications from mature students who have been out of education for some time.

Why do Universities Except you to have GCSEs?

Holding the GCSEs that Universities prefer is a great way to demonstrate your academic ability and consistency to your chosen University. From looking at your academic career, a University can tell whether you have the skills and sticking power needed to complete a Degree course with them. Even if your grades were achieved years ago, they are still a good key point indicator of your overall ability and skills.

What if I don’t have GCSEs?

As holding GCSEs has been a requirement for leaving school for many years now, the chances that as a UK student you don’t hold the core GCSEs is low. However, it may be a case of you not having a high enough grade in the core subjects for a University to accept them, in which case, you can opt to enrol and study them again to improve your grades and strengthen your application.

If you are an International student, then it may simply be the case that the country you studied in didn’t offer GCSEs, in this case, you should still hold an equivalent set of qualifications at Level 2 that most Universities will accept. If this isn’t the case, then again, you can opt to enrol and study GCSEs to gain the needed grades to get a place on your chosen Degree course.