level 3 award

If you’re considering changing job or career, but you’re not sure where to start, then Level 3 Award courses are ideal for you. Level 3 Awards are courses that are designed to give students an insight into any given topic or sector and to equip them with the knowledge needed to then go on and study the subject at a higher level (such as Certificate or Diploma). Level 3 Awards are also a useful way for students to gain additional UCAS points in a hurry if they need them for progressing onto to Uni.

Level 3 Awards are available from many different awarding bodies including Edexcel BTEC, ncfe, cache and Open Awards, believe it or not, the awarding body that the qualification comes from doesn’t matter as all Level 3 Awards have to provide students with the same Learning Outcomes in order for them to be able to hold the title of award. So as a student looking to start a Level 3 Award, you don’t need to worry yourself with which awarding body the qualification comes from, just the subject that you would like to study.

Studying an Award can be done either in person at a local college or entirely online, depending on the student’s preference. The courses themselves are usually a year in length, but as they are entirely coursework based, they do allow for students to complete them sooner if they want or need. Usually, the completion of an Award will consist of the student submitting three to four written assessments that are reviewed and marked by their tutor before a grade is provided.

What Subjects are Available as Level 3 Awards?

As mentioned previously, Level 3 Awards are designed as courses to give students an insight into different sectors of the workplace, so there are literally hundreds of different courses available to students and what’s more, as the courses are classed as entry level, the entry requirements for these courses are just that students are aged 16 or over and have a good understanding of the English language.

Some examples of Level 3 Award courses available to study right now include: