Education for adults

Continuing education for adults online is a great way for adults to improve their skillsets easily without having to take time off work. The nature of the courses available for study are often wide ranging and reaching, meaning that there is a course for everyone looking to improve their CV or change their career direction. Whether you want to retake your GCSEs or A-Levels or just add to your professional qualifications with a Diploma, there is a course out there ready and waiting for you.

Thanks to the internet and developments with online learning, it’s now very simple for an adult who wishes to continue their learning to sign up and start studying online with an online college (like Open College). In fact, it’s so simple, you can be logged in and learning within a few minutes of signing up if you wished to!

Now at this point, you may be wondering what you actually get when you sign up for online learning, as if you’re an adult looking to continue their education, studying and learning may have been several years ago and certainly not online. So let’s start with the learning portal, this is basically a website where you log in to access your course materials and your personal tutor, it’s an interactive area where you can keep track of your learning and progression, you will be able to upload assessments for marking and also download your marked assessments and feedback as and when you wish.

When it comes to the course materials themselves, the courses you choose to study will come with everything you need to learn and study in order to complete your qualification. But there are times when you may need additional texts to support your learning, for example, when studying English Literature or Classical Civilisation, there will be a need for books to be purchased separately, though this is always made clear to students before they begin their studies.

If your chosen course has a requirement for examination at the end (usually GCSEs or A-Levels), then the final step in your educational journey will be the booking of your examinations as a Private Candidate. Now this may sound scary, but it’s actually very straight forward and simple, you just need to find an exam centre local to you and from there you book in with them. They will provide you with the dates and times you need to attend the centre for your examinations and then when it’s all done and results are released, they will deliver your results to you. It really is that simple. If your course is entirely coursework based, then once you have completed all the assessments for the course and they have been marked by your tutor, you will then have your certificate posted out to you ready for you to add to your learning portfolio.

So now you understand the ins and outs of continuing education as an adult, what’s stopping you from starting? Why not get in touch with our helpful team for more advice and guidance on the right course for your goals and get learning as soon as you can.