Level 3 Qualifications

When looking at studying courses, you may have noticed that some Diplomas include ‘Level 3 Qualification’ in their title, but you may not fully understand exactly what this means. Put simply, a level 3 qualification is an entry level course that has been designed to give a student a solid foundation understanding of any given topic.

Equivalent to A-Levels or High School Leavers Certificates, Level 3 qualifications provide a basis for someone to either progress their studies at a higher level or enter into the workplace in a role related to the qualification they hold.

Usually a year in length, the courses will cover the main aspects of the subject being studied and give a student the opportunity to explore the topic and gain enough knowledge to be able to apply the theories they have learned. From there, the student has the opportunity to either specialise within the subject at University on a Degree course or apply their knowledge within the workplace to progress their career.

As level 3 qualifications are classed as entry level, usually to be accepted onto a course there are no requirements for a student to hold other qualifications or previous experience within the subject. Although, for some of the courses, holding lower level qualifications (such as GCSEs or Functional Skills) are beneficial for the student.

Examples of Level 3 Qualifications

Qualifications at this level are available in both vocational subjects and also the more academic subjects. Some examples of courses at level 3 are: