Courses by Instalments

When you make the decision to carry on with your learning, you will quickly find that some of the courses can prove to be quite expensive. As a general rule, the higher the level of study you wish to do, the higher the price of the course, due to the amount of work and interactions with tutors needed to complete them.

There are many options for finding ways to afford your course fees, some are straight forward and simple and others can be a bit more complicated. In some cases, students can apply for grants or loans from the Government to help them to afford their courses, however, this process can be length and time consuming, so actually getting started with your studies could take months.

Another option available to students is to spread the cost of learning through paying for courses by instalments. Often though, when instalment plans are mentioned, people worry that this will mean finance agreements and credit checks. Or the thought of being tied up with a finance agreement for several years, but that isn’t always the case.

Open College, offer students the ability to pay for courses by instalments in a simple and straight forward way. When enrolling on their chosen course, a student has the option to pay for their courses over four payments or two payments, depending on which option suits their budget better. All they have to do is select the option they wish to use and checkout in the usual way, from there, they will be enrolled and able to start their studies right away. The instalment plans are easy to understand, don’t come with any interest fees and do not require the student to have a credit check.

Examples of Paying for Courses by Instalments

If a student wanted to enrol onto the Cache Level 3 Award in Health and Social Care then they would have three options available to them:

  1. They could opt to pay for the course in full – one payment would be make and no further payments are needed.
  2. They could pay half now and half later – so half of the course fees would be paid at enrolment and the other half would be due a month later.
  3. They could split the course fees into four equal payments – The first payment being made at enrolment and then 3 further equal payments would be make over the following three months to clear the course fees.

If you are thinking of enrolling onto an online course with Open College and would like to know more about paying for courses by instalments, get in touch and have a chat with our friendly Enrolment Team.