A-Level Medicine Bundle

If you’re thinking of studying medicine at university, it’s vital you make sure you have the right qualifications to be accepted. Medical degrees are notoriously hard to get places on, regardless of if you are trying to to get offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge, competition for places is fierce and you need to ensure you are fully prepared.

There are several factors that make studying medicine harder than doing other degrees. Aside from the length of the degrees (medical degrees are at least six years in length), the entry steps and requirements are also harder.

Firstly, you need to get your UCAS application in earlier than the standard deadlines. So if you’re looking at studying medicine at university, you only have until October to complete your personal statement and get your application in to be considered. The deadline for other UCAS applications is months later in January.

Secondly, instead of the usual three A-Levels, you will need four A-Levels at grade A or above to be offered a place on most medical degrees. Of which, three of the A-Level subjects have to be the three sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Lastly, you will need to have several GCSEs (or equivalent) at good grades to be considered for a place at university on a medical degree. If all of the above hasn’t put you off your dream of becoming a Doctor or studying medicine, then your options for studying A-Levels is actually quite straightforward in comparison!

Your A-Level courses can be studied in whichever way best suits you and your commitments. You have the option of studying online or at school or college. Some students find themselves doing a combination of both, as some schools and colleges limit the number of A-Levels they will allow their students to study.

What if I want to study Medicine but got bad A-Level Results?

Believe it or not, getting bad A-Level results isn’t the be all and end all of whether you can study medicine at university. It just means you will have to look at your options and be a bit more creative with how you get the needed grades.

First, you need to look at the results you got, if you got grade As in some subjects but not all, then you can look at re-sitting or retaking just those subjects and then apply through UCAS for studying medicine. If you didn’t achieve any of the grades you needed, then again, you can enrol onto online A-Levels and give yourself another go at getting what you need.

Even if you haven’t studied GCSEs or A-Levels in years, your chance of studying medicine is still not off the table, provided you have the grades and your UCAS application and personal statement is what the university is looking for, then there’s no reason why you can’t go on and study medicine.

Ready to begin studying for a Medical Degree?


Are you looking to become a Doctor or study medicine at university? Then this online A-Level Medicine Bundle is ideal for you and takes the stress out of selecting the right A-Level subjects to ensure you are the best candidate for university that you can be.

This online A-Level Medicine Bundle includes four A-Levels, all three of the sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and a fourth A-Level of your choice to ensure you have sufficient UCAS points to be offered a place on your university course. Not only do you get four A-Levels at a discounted price, but you also get additional help and reminders from the team to keep your studies on track as you progress.

When can I start the courses? Right away.

How do I study the courses? Online.

Is there a tutor? Yes.

How long are the courses? 1 or 2 years (you decide).

Where can I read full course info? Full course information.

Can I spread the cost of my fees? Yes, we offer simple payment options with no interest.

Online A-Level Medicine Bundle Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I study the course? Online. Where can I study from? UK or International. How long is the course? 1 or 2 years. Are there entry requirements? No. What certificate do I get? Four A-Level Qualifications for the courses you choose. What can I do with the qualification? Study Medicine at university. What level is the course? Each course is equivalent to Level 3 Diplomas, USA Advanced Placement Program, Matriculation Certificate. Are exams included? No, you have to book these separately. Support and help is offered with this. When can I enrol? At any time.

More Information

Your Online A-Level Medicine Bundle consists of the combination of all three needed sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) along with your choice of one additional A-Level subject, if you are an international student you are advised to select English. All four of these courses will come with full tutor support for the length of your studies. You will have access through an online learning portal to all materials and information that you need to study and learn in preparation for your examinations. Although designed as courses to cover 2 years of study, you do have the option as a distance learning student to complete the courses and sit the examinations in a year or less should you prefer. You will also receive reminders from the team regarding the UCAS deadlines for applications for medical degree courses at university so you are ready and fully prepared to apply in plenty of time. Examinations for your Online A-Level Medicine Bundle will depend on which four A-Level subjects you select to study. As a general guide, examinations for AQA and Edexcel are held every year in the June and for Cambridge International you have the choice of June or November. If you need more help or advice regarding studying this A-Level Medicine Bundle, contact one of our helpful team for more assistance.

How to Choose your Courses

Once you have enrolled on the A-Level Medicine Bundle option, we will contact you to confirm your fourth choice of A-Level. Once selected, you will be granted access to all your courses and tutors ready for you to start your studies. If you’re not sure which additional A-Level would be best for your ideal degree specialty, visit UCAS for more help and advice or contact our team for help.