Regardless of the level of your job currently, the option of upskilling yourself to make you more confident and capable within your role is always a good idea. But you may be wondering exactly what is upskilling and how to do it.

Upskilling is the process of undertaking training in areas that relate to day to day skills that you use within your job. So for example, if you work daily with a team of people, then you may feel you need more effective leadership and management skills or better communication skills to help you better work with your team.

The choice of courses you opt to study when upskilling is open and flexible to what best suits your needs. For some it may be the need for Functional Skills in Maths or an A-Level in Business Studies. And on the other hand, for others it may be the need for a higher level Diploma in Leadership and Management.

When deciding which courses to study to help you upskill, you first need to identify where your weaknesses lie and what you’re looking to achieve by upskilling. Once you have a clear goal and target you can then begin looking for the right courses to suit your needs.

Using online courses is a great way to upskill your skillset, unlike with more traditional courses where you have to attend training or classes, with online learning you can study your chosen subjects in your spare time and when it suits you. So there is no need to take precious holiday time off to complete your training. You will also find that most online courses come with open enrolment and allow for students to start studying right away, so there are no delays to you starting your needed courses.