Functional Skills get you a job

Functional Skills are Level 2 qualifications (the same level of difficulty as GCSEs), unlike GCSEs, the courses are more modular in style and offer students the chance to learn the more practical and applicable side of the subject. So for example, if you were studying Functional Skills in Maths, you would be learning how to use a calculator to perform certain operations, rather than learning how to do algebra.

If you’re currently looking for work or a change of career, you may have noticed a lot of the job adverts you keep seeing make mention of candidates needing to hold either GCSEs or Functional Skills qualifications in English, Maths or IT.

Functional Skills qualifications are rapidly becoming widely accepted by both employers and universities. So, if for example you would like to go to University, but don’t hold a GCSE in Maths, then you could study and pass a Level 2 Functional Skills course in Mathematics and that would be accepted in the place of the missing GCSE.

Why Study Functional Skills?

As mentioned earlier in this blog, Functional Skills are more practical in nature, so they relate more to areas of the subject that you may find yourself using day to day within your role at work. Along with this, getting Functional Skills in any subject is far simpler and easier than attaining GCSEs. Unlike GCSEs, examinations for Functional Skills courses are held monthly, meaning that students can gain the additional qualifications in just a few months should they suddenly find they need one.

Where can you Study the Courses?

Functional Skills courses are widely available to students. You can opt to either study the courses at a local centre in person, or you can opt to study the courses online, through a blended learning option. Blended learning means you use a mixture of both textbooks and also online videos and interactive elements to help you get to grips with the syllabus of the course before sitting the examinations.

Open College offer both Functional Skills in English and Maths for all students looking to study and complete the qualification. You can enrol to study the course at any time and complete it in the length of time that suits you and your needs. If you feel ready to begin studying your course, get in touch for more help and advice from our helpful team today.