Study online

You can study online easily these days. People often think it’s still a difficult or hard thing to do, but actually it really is very simple. If you do a Google search for online courses, you will be struck with an endless list of courses available, all offering various qualifications and achievements.

The methods for study online do vary though from college to college and so you should always check this before you enrol on a class. If the course offers online classes and lectures, that means they will usually have set times that you will need to log onto the learning portal to learn. If the course states ‘self-study’ then you are free to log in and study whenever you want.

How do I Enrol on an Online Course?

Enrolling onto an online course to study online is usually done through the college’s website or over the phone with one of the customer support team. You will need to decide on the type of course you want to study (e.g A-Level or Diploma) and then also, in some instances, the level.

The college will need a few bits of information from you such as your full name, address and (sometimes) level of previous qualifications. This is so that they can register you properly on the course and with the awarding bodies when needed.

Usually, the process of enrolling onto an online course is very quick and simple. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation of your enrolment and then shortly after this a set of log in details for you to begin accessing your learning portal. Make sure you read all communications from your college carefully, to ensure you fully understand everything.

What is a Learning Portal or LMS?

A learning portal is usually a website where you log in with your student details to access course materials. Often online colleges refer to this learning portal as a LMS or Virtual Learning Portal. These portals can seem quite daunting at first, but usually you will receive a guide on how best to use your system to get the most out of your learning.

When can I begin Studying?

As and when you can start your online studying usually depends on the course and the college you have enrolled with. If the college says the course has ‘open enrolment’, then this means you can begin studying as soon as you have your log in details. If the college has stated a set starting date, then you won’t be able to begin your studies until then, as usually the materials will not yet be available on your learning portal.

it is worth mentioning here that most online courses offer open enrolment to students to keep their learning journey as simple and free flowing as possible.

Do I get a Tutor to Study Online with?

Tutor support is something that very much depends on the course and college that you have enrolled with. Usually though, you will get a tutor who is an Academic Expert that is there to help and support you through your studies. If you get stuck with an aspect of the course syllabus it is always wise to contact your tutor and ask for help and advice. Your tutor will also be the one who marks the work you submit for your course and so you will get to know them well.

How much will Studying Online cost me?

Again, this question very much depends on the course you choose and the college you choose to study with. For example, with Open College, you can enrol on a course in A-Level Mathematics for £380. This course fee covers all the course materials you need to study and learn in preparation for your exams and also full tutor support. The course has open enrolment, so you can start studying right away and you don’t need previous qualifications to join the course. However, the course fee doesn’t include your examinations, these you would have to pay extra for with your chosen examination centre.