Online AQA A-Level Economics

Although not a widely available A-Level subject in schools, Economics is actually a very interesting and relevant topic. In short, it’s the study of how businesses, industries and people use resources.

A-Level Economics covers a wide variety of topics from production, efficiency, macroeconomic policy, international economy to market failure.

What will I learn on the Course?

While studying A-Level Economics you will gain an understanding of how economic issues have affected various aspects of society, looking at both historical events as well as modern day occurrences. The study of the subject will enable you to develop your logical and critical thinking skills to enable you to apply Economic theories to various scenarios in order to analyse and assess their strengths and limitations.

What will I get when I successfully complete the A-Level?

An A-Level in Economics, which is equivalent to a Level 3 BTEC Diploma, USA Advanced Placement Program, or Matriculation Certificate.

Once you have your qualification, you can then progress your studies to a higher level, either at university on a degree course or on a higher level Diploma.

How do I enrol to study A-Level Economics?

Enrolling on this qualification is fast and easy to do. Within just a few minutes, you can be enrolled and studying your A-Level in Economics online and making your way along your educational journey.

Although useful to have, it’s not essential for you to have a GCSE in Economics in order to study this course. All you need is a drive to learn and the enthusiasm to work through your course materials.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is when you can sit your official examinations forthe course. You can easily check this by reading through the course description before you enrol.

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