A-Levels with Fieldwork Online

Certain A-Level subjects that are available for study come with additional elements to them such as coursework or fieldwork. As a distance learning student, you may think that it’s not possible for you to study these courses, however, it actually is and we’re going to explain how in this blog.

If you’re a student considering studying A-Level Environmental Science or A-Level Geography, you will be aware that unless you are studying the International version of the course, you will need to complete a fieldwork project as part of your qualification.

The theory of the fieldwork and what you need to do and demonstrate when doing the fieldwork is fully covered within your course materials and your tutor will be able to advise you on the best way to plan and approach your project. Once you have you plan prepared and in place, the next step is to find your examination centre.

It’s important that the examination centre you choose have the ability to oversee your fieldwork. Usually, larger centres will have set dates and times when students studying the same courses will be being assessed on their fieldwork. The results from this and your fieldwork itself will then be kept by the centre until you sit your written examinations for the qualification.

Once you have also completed your written examinations, all your work is then sent on to the Awarding Body ready for marking and grading. It’s advisable to find a suitable examination centre before you enrol to study on a course that has a fieldwork element, this way you can focus all your attention and efforts on your studies.

For students of Open College, our helpful team have a list of centres that accept Private Candidates on A-Levels that have fieldwork, so the process is very straightforward and simple.