Working in Childcare is a fantastic career option. Not only is it incredibly rewarding to see the children you care for progress from day to day, but no two days are ever the same. You get to use your creative talents and abilities to teach and show youngsters how to interact with others, learn social protocols and begin the foundations of their love of education.

Unlike teaching in schools or colleges, you get to control the methods and styles of teaching you opt to use, from messy play through to cognitive learning, you have the opportunity to teach without your students even knowing you’re teaching.

How do I Start a Career in Childcare?

So the great news, to start a career in Childcare you don’t need a massive amount of previous qualifications. As it’s classed as a vocational career, you can get all the qualifications that you need for the career through Awards, Certificates and Diplomas, which means no examinations, only coursework.

Depending on if you hold GCSEs, you are best starting your studying on a Level 2 qualification such as the ncfe cache Level 2 Certificate in Introducing Caring for Children and Young People, this course is the same level of difficulty as GCSEs and provides you with a great solid foundation for building your knowledge on Childcare and what is required of you.

Of course, if you hold GCSEs already and feel you want to jump in at a higher level of study, you can do so with a Level 3 Award in Childcare and Education, this course is at the same level as an A-Level and although still classed as entry level, provides you with a thorough understanding of Childcare and how to use every day settings as an opportunity to engage and teach young children.