spread the cost

Although often cheaper than traditional study, learning online can still prove expensive. For example, it’s not unusual for a Level 5 Diploma to be a few thousand Pounds to study, so the option to spread the cost is a great way to help make your learning more affordable.

When you think of spreading the cost of course fees, you can be forgiven for thinking that it might mean a credit check or lengthy financing agreements to read through and check. But actually, it’s really not that complicated. Provided the instalment plan you opt for is under six months in length and doesn’t charge any interest, the chances are that it’s a simple matter of opting for that payment option when you enrol on a course.

What do I need to keep in Mind when Spreading the Cost of Learning?

The first (and probably most obvious) thing to keep in mind is whether you can afford the monthly payments for the course. There really is no point in enrolling on a course that you can’t afford the payments for, as if you miss a payment, usually your access to the course materials and tutors will be removed.

It’s also a good idea to remember that if you are on a payment plan for your courses, regardless of if you have completed the course or not, you won’t get your certification for this until you have completed paying for the course in full. So if you opt to pay for your course over four months, but then complete your course in a month, you won’t have proof of that until you have made all four payments.

Once you’re sure you can afford the payments and you’re ready to begin studying, you can use Google to help you find online colleges (like Open College) who offer instalment plans to help you spread the cost of your learning.