AS Levels

AS Levels are in effect half of an A-Level. They constitute the first year of study of an A-Level and are often overlooked as a great way to boost UCAS points for your university application.

Unlike in previous years, A-Levels are now linear in nature and so it is no longer possible for students to study the AS Level and then (at a later date) top it up with the A2 element to achieve a full A-Level. But this doesn’t mean that AS Levels are of no use to students looking to go to university.

Achieving an A grade in an AS Level can see you gaining an additional 20 UCAS points, which could make the difference between you getting your first choice at university and you having to go through clearing.

When it comes to AS Levels, which Awarding Body you choose to sit with makes no difference to the number of points you can gain. So you can opt for AQA, Cambridge International, Pearson Edexcel or OCR without worry. More often than not, as AS Levels are used as a way to top up your points, you can pretty much choose whichever subject takes your fancy, that way you can ensure you get the highest grade possible. So for example, if you’re aiming for a medical course, you could top up your UCAS points with an AS Level in Psychology or Mathematics if you wanted.