Online Learning

When you think of online learning, you might not think of it as an acceptable replacement for traditional school and college. But why not? When you think about how fast and far reaching the internet is, the logical thing to do is take learning online and make it accessible for everyone.

Regardless of where you are in the world, if you have internet or can get signal, you can study when you use online learning. Instead of fees and funding being wasted on physical classrooms and grounds, everything is invested in the most important aspect of learning, the materials and teachers who teach them.

Online learning brings a fast and constantly improving way to learn. If something changes in a course syllabus, it gets updated right away. There is no lengthy time consuming and wasteful process of updating and then reprinting textbooks, a quick and simple change on the admin side of things and all students studying have the latest version.

More and more, especially in times like these with a pandemic, people are waking up and realising that online learning is the way of the future. It’s a game changer, a leveler, a way forward for all to benefit from the chance and opportunity to study, learn and grow. Universities respect and understand that a student who goes out of their way to find a way to learn in adversity is a student they want and need on their programmes. They are the ones who will go far and one day be the next Bill Gates or Barak Obama.