Short Courses

Short Courses are programmes that have been designed and created for students to study over a very short period of time. Usually the study length is just a few hours and are intended to be completed within a week or two of study. Unlike A-Levels or full Diplomas, which can take a minimum of a year to complete, these courses are designed to help professionals in their field keep up their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The great thing about Short Courses is they can be studied online while still working, meaning that you don’t need to take any time off work to complete them and you can easily and quickly update your skill sets to the levels you need.

Another great benefit to Short Courses is the ability for them to give students an insight and taster for a new potential area of employment. Imagine for example, you were thinking of changing your career from working within Management to Health and Social Care, but you’re not sure about if the field in right for you. Then you have the option to enrol and study a Short Course to get a taster for what your next potential role might hold.

What Subjects are Short Courses Available in?

The beauty of these courses are they are available in many subjects and topics. Just about every sector has a Short Course available in it and the successful completion of the course will add hours to your CPD.

The most popular sector for Short Courses is Health and Social Care, as this industry is constantly updating practices and best practices, there is a requirement for staff working within the industry to ensure their learning is constantly updated.