Access to HE

If you’re looking at returning to studying as a mature student, you may have come across the options of Access to HE Diplomas. These courses are a great way to get yourself onto a Degree course without having to study or retake A-Levels. Equivalent to three A-Level courses, Access to HE Diplomas are available in a wide range of topics.

The courses are specially designed for adults to study and work on a set of learning outcomes and objectives that prepare adults for studying higher education, regardless of if you have few prior qualifications. The great thing about Access to HE Diplomas is that they are coursework based and so not nearly as daunting as A-Levels can be.

With over 24,000 students currently studying Access to HE Diplomas in just the United Kingdom, it’s hardly surprising that the qualifications are accepted by over 140 universities around the world. The really great thing about the courses is that most of them are co-created with universities, so they really do provide you with the skill set you need to go on and study your chosen subject at university.

Regulated by the Quality Assurance Agency, you can rest assured that if you opt to study an Access to HE Diploma, your course is not only a real qualification, but also a fully recognised one. For more information about Access to HE Diplomas, visit their website here.