Distance Learning

Distance learning is very different to learning in a classroom. Apart from the obvious differences such as not physically attending a class, there are other differences that people may not think of or consider. For example, not having someone stood in-front of you setting deadlines for work submissions and staging your learning, might be very daunting.

With that said, there is no reason why distance learning can’t work and be very beneficial for students. It gives you the freedom and option to study as and when you wish. So if you’re a night owl and you do all your best thinking at the stroke of midnight, then you can set up and do your hour or two of learning then. This way making your learning more efficient and productive.

Traditional methods of learning can often get dull and repetitive, sticking to the same script and not letting you delve into and research the areas of a topic you really enjoy and want to know more about. But with distance learning, you are free to do this, in fact, you are encouraged to do this alongside working through your course materials. Remember, the ability to demonstrate your capabilities of individual study and self motivation is a great resource to have when it comes to your university applications and also future employment.

Distance learning certainly isn’t the answer for everyone, but it is increasingly becoming the answer for many. Cheaper in fees than a regular school or college and also more flexible for mature learners who still have to work, it’s easy to see why distance learning is not becoming the preferred option for students around the world.

The range of courses available to students who wish to opt for this form of learning is staggering, from A-Levels with awarding bodies such as Edexcel or Cambridge, through to Diplomas in more vocational topics such as Feline Studies, it’s safe to say there is a lot of options out there for students.

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