UCAS application deadline

Students looking to go to university in 2021 need to make sure they keep a close eye on the UCAS application deadlines, you don’t want all your hardwork and efforts with your examinations to go to waste!

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually two UCAS application deadlines and not just one. Those students who are looking to attend either Oxford or Cambridge, or study courses in medicine or dentistry have an earlier application deadline. If you’re looking to apply to university for one of these universities or courses, you need to get your UCAS application in for 15th October 2020. Students looking to study any other courses have until 15th January 2021 to get their applications in.

How will I know which deadline applies to me?

Thankfully, UCAS have a great tool on their website that allows for students to check which application date applies to them, depending on the course and university. All you need to do is complete the search form with the course you want to study and then you will get a list of universities that offer that course and the application deadline dates for it. Alternatively, if you have a set university in mind, you can simply enter the postcode of the university as well as the course and get the exact information for that university.

To give the search tool a go, simply click on the link below and enter the needed information:

UCAS application deadline checker tool.

What if I miss the UCAS Application Deadline?

Should you be unlucky enough to miss your course application deadline, it’s not the end of the world. There is still a small chance that the universities you wish to apply to will consider your application, so make sure you put it in anyway. However, if you do miss the deadline, it does mean your application won’t be subject to ‘equal consideration’, so in other words, if your application isn’t as strong as others, you’re likely not to get an offer.

With all the above said, missing the application deadline won’t mean you have to wait until 2022 or that you have totally struck out, it just means you may have to wait until clearing (after results day) to see if you can still get into your chosen university.