Better job

If you find yourself sitting there at your desk thinking ‘How can I get a better job?’, rest assured, you are not the only one! It’s safe to say, more people are unhappy in their current job, than happy. For some, the feeling of a need to change to a better job will pass and they will resign themselves to the day to day grind. For others though, there is a little spark, that just won’t go away! And these people are the ones this blog is written for.

So, how can you get yourself a better job? Well, lets start with the easiest option…Reviewing your CV and making changes. Now this might sound obvious, but when was the last time you really looked at your CV, thought about what was written and ensured it was up to date with all the CPD activities you have been doing? Let’s face it, if your next potential employer spots a typo or worse still a totally irrelevant and out of date piece of information on your CV, you’re not going to get that better job!

Once you have gone over your CV and looked at it with a really critical eye, you can begin to make changes to make your profile more appealing to employers. You can also see where gaps may be lurking in your abilities and qualifications, if you want a better job, you have to have a better skillset and CV, so get identifying the gaps and get enrolled onto online courses to boost your CV. Online courses don’t just mean the usual A-Levels or GCSEs, it can mean all sorts of Diplomas, Degrees and more.

Now, you’ve fixed your CV, you’ve updated your skillset, what else can you do to get a better job? Well the answer to this one is obvious, get applying for those better roles. A wise person once told me, even if you don’t think you will get the job, use the interview to help you improve, worst case, you flunk the interview and don’t get the job, best case, you breeze the interview, they love you, you love them and you’re well on your way to your better job.

If you’re thinking of enrolling on to an online course, Open College has many courses that should fit the bill and best of all, they are flexible with open enrolment and you can spread the costs of your studies. So really, when looking at how you can get a better job, it’s a no brainer, get in touch with our friendly team today and get the advice and help you need.