GCSEs help you in the Future

When you’re stuck in school or college and you’re busy studying towards your GCSEs you may be wondering to yourself exactly how can GCSEs help you in the future. Well the quick and simple answer is they open doorways and paths to either employment or studying at higher levels.

GCSEs or General Certificate of Secondary Education, are UK qualifications usually taught to students aged 11 – 16 and are used as a way to convey a student’s ability to study at that level. Employers frequently require the qualifications from their employees to ensure that the candidate is capable of carrying out basic day to day tasks of the role.

The qualifications don’t just come in useful for employment, they are also a vital part of continuing your education. Usually, to go on and study A-Levels, students are required to hold the core GCSE subjects and then the relevant GCSE in the same subject. Without them, students may find they are not able to study their wanted A-Levels.

Even in later life, when you have been working for many years, you will find that your GCSEs could come in handy. For example, if you wanted to change career and become a teacher or study medicine, one of the requirements for a place on a Degree course is that students hold GCSEs in at least English and Maths.

What if I don’t have GCSEs and need them?

If you don’t have GCSEs and you find you need them in the future, thankfully, all is not lost. Even as an adult you can still study and achieve the qualifications without having to go to school or college.

As and adult learner, you can study GCSEs online as a Private Candidate, these online courses are usually self studied and so you can fit them in and around your other commitments without having to leave your job. When it comes to the examination side of things, you would register at a local centre and attend to sit your exams when the time comes.

If you would like to discuss studying GCSEs as an adult or independent learner, get in touch with our helpful team for more help and advice.