Can't get a Grade in 2021 What are my Options

The last couple of years have been very turbulent for students who are trying to achieve either GCSE or A-Level grades. With so many examination periods being cancelled at short notice, it is no wonder some students can’t get a grade in 2021 and are left wondering ‘What are my options?’.

First things first, try and remember that you’re not alone and there are hundreds of other students stuck in the same position as you right now. You need to take a calm look at what your options are and what you feel your best route now is.

As a distance learning student, you will most likely fall into one or more of the following categories; you have been studying independently and don’t have a tutor who has been assessing your work, you haven’t completed any of the assessments while studying the course, you have done some coursework but you’re not sure it’s enough, you haven’t registered at an exam centre yet but you have done all the work.

I have been Studying Independently and don’t have a Tutor or haven’t Completed any of my Assessments

OK, unfortunately, if you fall into this category you’re not going to be able to complete enough assessment materials for a tutor or teacher to be able to confidently provide a suggested grade for your course. So you have two options, wait for the possible autumnal examinations or aim for sitting your examinations in May/June of 2022.

Done some Coursework on your Course, but don’t think it’s Enough?

If you have done some coursework on your course and have a tutor, then check in with them and see if you can push one last little bit to ensure you can have a grade. Usually tutors only need 2 or three good pieces of work or past papers that you have completed to be able to confidently suggest a grade to your examination centre for submission to the Awarding Body.

I Have done Enough Coursework, but don’t have an Examination Centre

Thankfully, if you have completed all the needed coursework and your tutor is happy, then it’s not too late for you to find an examination centre and get registered to have your grades submitted. But time is very tight and you need to get on it right away. You will be best contacting larger examination centres as they will have the infrastructure to assist with last minute submissions.

As you can see from above, even if you think you can’t get a Grade in 2021, there are still plenty of options open to you which won’t necessarily mean you having to wait years to complete the qualifications you need. If you would like to discuss what your options are further, get in touch with our helpful team for more advice.