What should I do to get a job?

With everything that is currently going on in the world, it’s not surprising if you are one of the many people who are currently looking for work or new employment. And if you have already experienced a few knock backs, you may find yourself asking ‘what should I do to get a job?’, although there is no set formula to finding work, there are some things you can do to improve your chances.

First things first, it’s time to get critical. Take a look at the latest version of your CV that you are sending out to potential employers. Try if you can to look at it as an employer might, is it easy to read? Is it clearly laid out in sections? Can you find the important information quickly on it? And most importantly, are there any spelling or grammar mistakes on it?

Once you have reviewed your CV and made some tweaks, it’s time to look at yourself as a package. Employers like to employ people who bring value to the workplace, they look for motivated characters who are proactive and not afraid of challenges. So have a look through your work experience, qualifications and personal interest sections, do you come across as someone who fits the above description?

A quick and easy way to boost your CV and the way you come across is to study a few quick qualifications relating to the industry you are looking to work within. So for example, if you’re looking to get into Health and Social Care, then do a few CPD Short Courses or a Level 3 Diploma in a related field.

Another good way to boost your CV and how you come across is to take part in some voluntary work while looking for a new job. This will show your potential employers that you’re driven and motivated to keep active and help others. There are lots of charities out there who are in desperate need of volunteers to help them keep going and so it would be very easy to find something that fits your interests and makes you feel good about helping out.

The last thing to remember when it comes to getting a job is your attitude towards job hunting, it’s vital you stay motivated and positive. A great way to do this is to treat your job hunt like a job itself, so get up early, prepare yourself as if you were going to work and then begin your job hunting process. Using this technique will keep you motivated and in the habit of working days, which means when you do find a new job, you will be able to step right into it without any issue.