Believe it or not, it really is possible for you to study while working. If you’re anything like most of the adult population, life probably feels like a non stop blur and cycle of work, home and other commitments. And what’s more, you probably spend many of your hours at work daydreaming about changing jobs or getting a promotion while you’re working.

It’s no secret that the best way to change career or get a promotion is to improve your skillset or qualifications. To do that, you need to pay course fees, which means you need to be working, at which point you might start to think you’re stuck in a catch 22 situation with no way out, but that’s not the case! Online courses are a great way to upskill and improve your qualifications, the courses are flexible and delivered online through a learning portal, so you can study when it suits you and from anywhere, so that means you can even study while working. What better way to spend your lunchbreak than a bit of studying?

How many hours does studying while working take?

This question is a tricky one to answer, as it all depends on the course you decide you want to study. For example, if you’re opting for upskilling your CV, then you could do a range of Diplomas or Short Courses that only require 20 hours of study, so spread over lunchbreaks, you would be looking at 4 weeks of study. However, if you’re looking at gaining qualifications like A-Levels, you’re going to need to be able to find approximately 350 hours of study time, so you’re studying is going to take quite a bit of time more.