Focused on Learning

When you’re a student, it’s no secret that staying focused on learning can sometimes be a bit of a chore! We have all been there and we have all felt it. So it’s no wonder that you’re feeling a bit out of sorts and lacking in drive at the end of this year.

Staying focused on learning is something that takes effort, imagination and determination! First you need to work on a timeline, so if you have exams coming up (i.e. you’re studying A-Levels), you need to work backwards from that point to make sure you have enough time to fit all your learning in. If its just a case of coursework and handing it in before your course finishes, like on a BTEC, then you just need to work out the end date of your course and work backwards from there.

So now you have your timeline, you can start working on your goals and targets. Make your learning progress fun and rewarding for yourself. If you have small achievable goals to hit, then you’re going to be more inclined to try and achieve them. And reward yourself! Who doesn’t like a nice pat on the back, or a new pair of shoes for completing the first half of their course syllabus?!

OK, so you know your timeline, you have your goals and targets that you want to reach and you know your rewards for getting them. So what’s next? Well it’s time to look at the day to day side of things. That’s right, you’re going to need a timetable, it doesn’t need to be as strict or complex as the one you had at school or college, but it should have some structure to it. For example, if you’re doing two A-Levels, then in the morning, spend your time on subject A and then in the afternoon, focus on subject B.

So to recap, the three simple steps you need to follow to help you stay focused on learning are:

  • Timeline – Work out how much time you have to complete your studies.
  • Goals and Targets – Set yourself goals and targets according to your timeline. Make sure they are bitesize chunks that you feel you can complete and achieve within the time you give yourself.
  • Timetable – Create a day to day timetable for you to work to, this will ensure you stick to your timeline, hit your goals and keep focused.