Online Diplomas - Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking of studying an online Diploma, you will find this article very helpful! We’ve put together a list of online diplomas – frequently asked questions that our most recently enrolled students asked before they signed up.

What Qualifications do I need to Study an Online Diploma?

Depending on the level of the Diploma you want to study, you usually do not require any previous qualifications or experience in the subject. Level 3 Diplomas, are classed as entry level qualifications and so for these, you are just required to have a good understanding of English and reasonable IT skills.

When can I Start Studying an Online Diploma?

Unlike A-Levels or GCSEs, Diplomas are very flexible and can be studied and completed at any time of the year. As most Diplomas are entirely coursework based, there is no examination period to keep in mind when studying the courses.

What Subjects are Available for Studying?

Because Diplomas are more vocational in style, the range of subjects and topics that you can study really does cover everything! From Accounting through to Zoology, there will be a Diploma subject to suit your needs and preferences.

Will I get a Tutor to help me Study?

Absolutely. Throughout your studies on any Diploma course, you will have a personal tutor there to help and guide you through your studies. The tutor is always a fully qualified and experienced Academic Expert.

Can I Spread the Cost of Studying?

Yes. Depending on the cost of the course you are looking to study, you will have the option of spreading the cost of your fees over either a split payment or a interest free 4 month payment plan.

Are there any Examinations at the end of my Course?

Most online Diplomas do not have examinations that students have to carry out. However, with some Level 3 Diplomas there is an end of course online test that you need to pass in order to attain your final pass mark for the course itself.

Who Awards my Online Diploma?

Depending on which Diploma you opt to study, your course will be awarded by either Edexcel or the CPD Certification Service. With certain courses, there is also additional accreditation added by the overseeing Governing Body, this is clearly noted within the course descriptions.

What can I use an Online Diploma for?

Online Diplomas can be used for either career progression or for education progression. Starting from Level 3, you can use these courses to either study a Diploma at a higher level or gain entry into university to study a degree course.

Do Online Diplomas come with UCAS points?

This depends on the level and type of Diploma you opt to study. For example, a Level 2 Diploma won’t come with UCAS points, but a Level 3 BTEC would come with UCAS points.

How long does an Online Diploma take to Complete?

Usually with Diplomas, you have up to one year to complete the course. However, if you have the time and determination, there is no reason why you would be unable to complete your studies in less time, should you wish to do so.