Being caught up in a lockdown doesn’t have to be a bad thing! If you use your time wisely, you can actually be really productive and get lots of things done or ticked off your todo list. So, we’re going to try and help inspire you to get going with our top 10 things to do in a lockdown!

Obviously, this list of top 10 things isn’t going to be a fits all solution for everyone, but it should help to inspire you and get you thinking of positive things you can do instead of just binge watching Netflix or non top browsing of Amazon.

Top 10 things to do in Lockdown

  1. Do an at home workout – What better time to start getting yourself fit and healthy without the embarassment of trying to work out how to use the gym equipment or the pain of being soaked while out for a run in the park. There are even apps out there to guide you through.
  2. Help Others – If you want the option of getting out of the house and contact with others outside your home, then why not become a volunteer and help more vunerable people in your community? You can volunteer through the NHS to be a responder.
  3. Sort through your email inbox – It’s safe to say most people have an email inbox of horror hidden away on their phone or computer! Endless emails with promotions or offers that you meant to take advantage of or that you just meant to delete but forgot with your busy work schedule. Well now is the time to sit down and go through them all!
  4. Start an online book club with friends – Sometimes, being in lockdown can feel a bit isolated and disconnected, so why not set up a virtual book club with your friends? We all know how to use Zoom and Google Meet now, so let’s put it to work, pick a book between you all and an evening when you can all sit down and discuss your views on the chosen book.
  5. Organise your wardrobe – OK, so the seasons have changed again and it’s time to bring all your warm clothes to the front and donate those items you still haven’t worn or even looked at since you brought them home! Get your clothes out, get trying them on and the ones you no longer want, bag up ready to donate to charity or homeless people.
  6. Learn something new – What better time to learn a new skill or language? Use your lockdown time to focus and expand your IQ and abilities. There are lots of online courses available, so take your pick and enjoy!
  7. Catch up with your relatives with a phone call – Now be honest, when was the last time you took the time to call a relative that lives in the next town or even another country? Why not do it now? Catch up on things, have a good natter about everything and see how good you feel after.
  8. Declutter that draw of everything – If you don’t have a draw of everything in your house, then either you’re in denial or you use something else to dump all those random bits in that you find round the house or in your bag or in the car. Take this time to finally go through it and test the batteries, throw out the broken remote control cover and file those bits of paper you kept.
  9. Learn to meditate – This suggestion is one of my favourites, with such a busy and constantly connected world, sometimes it’s just good to be able to switch off, take some deep breaths and bring your own little world of calm to your self. Meditation is one of those things that sound simple, but are actually really difficult to master.
  10. Organise your calendar – Do you just rely on Facebook to tell you when it’s a friend or family member’s birthday? And then panic because you haven’t got them anything? And are you always forgetting your Doctors appointments? Then why not sit down and finally organise your calendar so everything is noted with reminders to give you chance to be prepared and ready for them?

We hope this list of top 10 things to do in lockdown help you get through with a smile on your face and not an ounce of boredom to be found!