Cancelled examinations

Sadly due to the ongoing pandemic, the UK Government has announced that they have no other choice but to cancel upcoming examinations in January. As a GCSE or A-Level student, you will be wanting to know what to do next and understandably be worried or concerned about the effect the cancelled examinations may have on you.

This isn’t the first time that GCSE and A-Level examinations have been cancelled and thankfully (in some ways) it means that both teachers and schools or colleges know what to expect and how to help students prepare for being assessed in alternate ways.

Cancelled examinations doesn’t mean cancelled qualifications, provided you have done enough work and this can be fully assessed and then externally verified, you will still be able to attain a grade for all your hard work.

What do I do as a Distance Learning Student?

Even though you are not studying in the more traditional ways with being at a school or college, this doesn’t mean you cannot have your work assessed and submitted to the awarding bodies for a grade.

First, you need to contact your examination centre where you have registered for sitting your exams and ask them if they are happy to accept your marked and verified work from your personal tutor. Provided your examination centre are happy for this, then you can carry on with your studies knowing that provided you have completed your course and all the coursework within in it you should be able to attain a grade regardless of if there are examinations or not.

Next, you need to speak with your tutors and learning providers to double check with them what you need to do and complete in order for your tutor to be able to help you with submitting assessed work and verifications.

If you are a student with Open College, you can call or email our Student Services team and they will be able to confirm this information for you also and ensure you are kept up to date with any important information or dates that you need to keep in mind.