International A-Levels

So, what are the benefits of International A-Levels? You may be thinking an A-Level is an A-Level right? And that it seems a bit of a moot point to even write a blog about this, but actually there are some quite important differences.

A-Levels come in many shapes and forms, from many awarding bodies including AQA, Cambridge International, Pearson Edexcel and OCR. While some can be sat internationally, others can’t. For example, when it comes to OCR, their examinations can only be sat in the UK. You can study the course syllabus, but to sit the exams, you would have to fly to the UK. But then, when you look at Cambridge International, you can sit their examinations in almost any country, so you have the freedom and luxury of being able to equip yourself with university qualifications from anywhere with ease.

International A-Levels also come with other great benefits. If you’re looking at doing the sciences, Cambridge International courses don’t have practicals, which might not sound like a lot, but if you’re a private candidate and having to pay for each of your examinations and assessments, then it really is a lot! That’s 13 less assessments you would have to pay your examination centre for, basically cutting the price of your exams dramatically.

What other benefits are there with International A-Levels? Well the examination periods for one! you have not one, but two chances each year to sit your exams. Certainly when it comes to Cambridge International A-Levels you have the option of studying and sitting for your A-levels in the old way, i.e. you can do your AS examinations in one year and then follow up in the subsequent year with your A2 examinations. Or if you just want to get it all out the way and done, you can sit them all in one sitting. They really are that flexible and easy.

So, with all that in mind, all that’s really left to explain is where you can sign up to study these courses. At Open College, we offer a range of both UK and International A-Levels that are perfect for equipping you with the qualifications you need to get to university and best of all, you can study them from anywhere in the world.