Reasons why Online Learning is Great

Although it has been around for many years now, online learning is one of those things that people still don’t fully understand or feel comfortable trying. Whether you are considering studying A-Levels, GCSEs or more vocational qualifications such as BTECs or Diplomas, there are endless reasons why online learning could benefit you, but to list them all would be impossible. So, we have brainstormed reasons why online learning is great to try and help potential students understand the true benefits of online learning. In no particular order here are our top 5 reasons why online learning is great.

Range of Courses

One of the greatest things about online courses is the range of topics and level of study that is available to students. Online courses are available from Level 2 Functional Skills all the way through to Postgraduate level, so regardless of the level of study you are considering, there is going to be a course for you at the level that is right for you.


One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional school, college or even university is term times, students are expected to fit all their learning and studying into set terms and times in order to complete their chosen qualifications. However, with online studying, students are free to login and study as and when they wish, meaning that if they need to also carry on working or looking after family commitments, they can do this easily and still achieve the qualifications they want and need.


Now this reason may at first seem like a bit of a strange one, but if you were one of those unfortunate students who didn’t quite achieve the grades they needed at GCSE to progress onto your ideal A-Levels, then you may think that you have no option but to pick alternate A-Levels or retake your GCSEs, but with online learning, that’s not the case. Almost all Undergraduate courses come with open enrolment, which means that regardless of previous qualifications students are free to enrol and study any course that they would like.


Gaining new skills and qualifications may seem like an expensive idea, especially if you’re paying for the courses yourself, but actually the costs of studying online are not as much as people assume. Many online learning providers offer courses in various subjects from just £100. Obviously, the higher the level of the qualification, the higher the fees will be, but if you compare the fees with studying the courses in person at a physical location, you will soon see that online learning is far more affordable.

Self Paced

Remember when you were at school and you had strict deadlines for completing work and projects? Well, when it comes to online learning, you work on your timeline. Once you enrol to study a course, it is left to you to decide how you want to focus your study time, whether you want to spend more time focusing on certain aspects of a syllabus or more time working on your revision technique, it’s all up to you. You just need to make sure you keep an eye on the time you have to complete the course.

So as you can see from the reasons above, online learning really is a great way to gain more qualifications and achieve your learning goals. If you would like to discuss your options and begin your online learning adventure, why not get in touch with our expert Student Services Team for a chat.