As a responsible Care Home owner, it’s vital to ensure that all your staff are qualified and trained to the best of their ability. This doesn’t just mean ensuring they hold the correct qualifications at the point of employment, but also ensuring they have access to Continuing Professional Development to ensure they are up to date and aware of the latest techniques and practices relating to healthcare and caring for residents.

Providing access to training and courses can prove expensive, especially for smaller independent care homes. Not only do you have to consider the costs of the courses, but you also have to consider the costs of giving the employee the time off work to study the course. However, that doesn’t need to be the case with our online CPD training subscription service. It’s now possible for you to not only provide courses to all your employees, but also for them to study these courses online without the need for time off work.

How does the Online CPD Training Subscription Service work?

For an affordable set yearly fee, your care home can provide employees online access to a range of Healthcare CPD courses. These courses are based on video learning and have been specifically designed for care home workers.

When an employee wishes to take part in CPD training, they can be registered on the learning portal and the course(s) they wish to study in minutes. From there, they can log in and study the course(s) as and when they have time. Once the course is successfully completed, they will then be provided with an eCertificate confirming their successful completion of the course for their CPD log.

Employees are free to study as many or as few courses as they wish each year and you (as the employer) will only have to pay the yearly subscription fee for them to have this access to learning and personal development.

More Information

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