Diplomas are a frequently overlooked qualification. They are a great way to gain skills in a variety of a vocational skills that are not covered by more traditional qualifications such as GCSEs or A-Levels. With courses ranging from subjects such as Administration through to Zoology, it’s safe to say there are Diplomas available to suit all requirements.

Diplomas come in a range of difficulty level as well, starting from Level 1, which would be classed as foundation through to Level 5 which is Foundation Degree equivalent. Many universities now happily accept students onto degree programmes who have achieved and completed Level 5 Diplomas. Giving students a more affordable way to gain a full degree at university.

When it comes to Diplomas, although there is a wide and far reaching range of courses, if you are looking to use the Diploma for more than just expanding your skillset or improving your CV, you need to ensure that your Diploma appears on the Registered Qualifications Framework (RQF). This framework ensures that your Diploma qualification hits the needed Learning Outcomes to ensure your knowledge levels are sufficient to allow for you to progress your learning journey at university.

Our team of academic experts are working hard and in partnership with world leading distance learners to bring online Diplomas to you through Open College. If you would like more help and assistance with picking the perfect Diploma for you, get in touch with us today.