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Online IGCSE Combined Science (Single Award) Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I study the course? Online.
Where can I study from? UK or Internationally.
How long is the course? 1 year.
Are there entry requirements? No.
What certificate do I get? Edexcel Combined Science (Single Award) 9-1
What can I do with the qualification? Study A-Levels, BTEC Level 3 Diplomas, International Baccalaureates (IB).
What level is the course? Equivalent to Level 2 Diplomas, USA GED, Hong Kong HKCEE, Singapore O-Level, Indian CBSE.
Are exams included? No, you have to book these separately.
When can I enrol? At any time.

More Information

Your online IGCSE  Combined Science (Single Award) course will come with full tutor support for the length of your studies. You will have access through an online learning portal to all materials and information that you need to study and learn in preparation for your examinations.

Examinations for IGCSE Combined Science (Single Award) are held every year in the January and June examination period. If you need more help or advice regarding studying this course, contact one of our helpful team for more assistance.

IGCSE Combined Science (Single Award) Syllabus

This course will cover the following areas of study:

  • Unit 1: Biology 1
    Module 1: The nature and variety of living organisms
    Module 2: Structure and functions in living organisms
    Module 3: Reproductions and inheritance
    Module 4: Ecology and the environment
    Module 5: Use of biological resources
  • Unit 2: Chemistry 1
    Module 1: Principles of chemistry
    Module 2: Chemistry of the elements
    Module 3: Organic chemistry
    Module 4: Psychical chemistry
    Module 5: Chemistry in society
  • Unit 3: Physics 1
    Module 1: Forces and motion
    Module 2: Electricity
    Module 3: Waves
    Module 4: Energy resources and energy transfer
    Module 5: Solids liquids and gases
    Module 6: Magnetism and electromagnetism
    Module 7: Radioactivity and particles

Examination Information

  • Qualification gained by sitting three exam papers.
  • Paper 1 – Biology (paper code: 4SSO/1B). Written examination: 1 hour.
  • Paper 2 – Chemistry (paper Code: 4SSO/1C). Written examination: 1 hour.
  • Paper 3 – Physics (paper Code: 4SSO/1P). Written examination: 1 hour.
  • This qualification can be sat in combination with single science subjects.
  • Qualification is graded 9-1.