Online Course

If you’re thinking of starting an online course, you may be asking yourself when you can enrol and start studying the course itself. Unlike traditional schools and colleges that have term times, most online colleges have a thing called ‘open enrolment’, this means that you are free to sign up and start studying an online course whenever you fancy.

Open enrolment even applies to online courses like A-Levels or GCSEs, which you would think would have set times for when you can enrol and start studying. The only thing to keep in mind if you decide to study an online A-Level or GCSE (or any course that has an exam), is when the exam period of the course is held. You wouldn’t want to enrol onto a course and discover you have to cram a year’s worth of learning into a month before you needed to sit the exam!

How do I Enrol on an Online Course?

OK, so once you have decided on the course you want to study and you have done all the research you need on Google or similar, it’s time to actually sign yourself up for the course! With most online colleges, they have made the process relatively easy and straight forward.

First, you will need to give a few details to your chosen college, along with making payment for the course. Usually there is the option of paying by instalments or paying in full with a credit or debit card. From there, your enrolment will be processed and your log in details for your online learning portal sent through.

If you have decided to study a higher level Diploma, such as a Level 5 BTEC in Management and Leadership, then you will need to provide the college with some more information on your previous qualifications, they need this to check you’re suitably educated to study the course. If there are any issues or problems, the college will contact you and let you know, so you can work out the best solution for this.

Where can I find Online Courses?

Finding an online course or online college to study with couldn’t be easier. A quick search on the internet and you’re bound to find lots of online courses to suit your preferences. Just make sure you check the course will deliver what you expect and that it’s from a recognised Awarding Body.